Jerry Brocklehurst

Main Stage
Sunday May 6, 9:30 am

Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities Pavilion
Sunday May 6, 3:00 pm
Discussing the future of music in Hawai‘i with John Berger and Kenneth Makuakāne

Jerry Brocklehurst is the producer, along with Kenneth Makuakāne, of the Hawaii Book and Music Festival’s Singer-Songwriter Showcase on the Main Stage.

Associated with: The Kaua‘i Music Festival, Jerry Brocklehurst Productions

The Kaua‘i Music Festival: The Kaua‘i Music Festival (KMF) Songwriter Conference is a 4-day celebration of the art and craft of songwriting. At the KMF Songwriter Conference, you will learn songwriting and/or refine your skills through interaction with some of the best professional songwriters in America.  In addition, throughout the conference, your music will be heard by people in the music industry who really can make a difference to your career.  Through our one-on-one meetings, small group sessions, workshops, panel discussions, open mic activities, and more, you will be able to consult and get feedback directly from the Grammy, Emmy, and Na Hoku-winning songwriters, producers, TV and Film Music Supervisors, top A&R Executives, and other music industry people in attendance – all in the creative, low-pressure atmosphere of an island paradise!

Jerry Brocklehurst Productions: Our Studio is a full-featured production, recording, mixing, and mastering studio located in Hawaii, with access to a vast pool of Grammy, Na Hoku, and Emmy award-winning musicians and vocalists.  We have recorded, engineered, produced, and released tracks for such noted local artists as John Cruz, Titus Kinimaka, the Barefoot Natives, Sistah Robi Kahakalau, Charles Brotman, Kohala, Walt Keale, Mike Young, and others.

Today’s Music Industry is tough, and your competition is even tougher.  With rare exception, your recordings, demos, and marketing/promotion efforts must stand out against everyone else in order to get noticed. The dazzle is in the details.

Formerly known as New Boomer Music LLC, Jerry Brocklehurst Productions has expanded to include a wide range of audio engineering, business, and marketing services for musicians and for TV & Film production.

A Na Hoku award-nominated Producer and Recording Artist, Jerry Brocklehurst has been involved with the Kaua‘i Music Festival from the beginning. In 2003 and 2004, he was an attendee at the Festival. Then in 2004, he joined the KMF Board of Directors and became Vice-President. Beginning in September 2006, Brocklehurst assumed the role of President and Executive Director. In his six+ years of involvement, he has seen and helped the Festival grow into a world-class event.

Brocklehurst is also President of Jerry Brocklehurst Productions. He  has over 27 years of experience in sales, marketing, engineering, and executive management, ranging from Manufacturing Management to Vice President of Sales & Marketing to General Manager with firms such as Wiltron-Anritsu, Compact Software, EEsof, Cadence Design Systems, Harris EDA, Phoenix Technologies, and others.

Albums produced by Jerry Brocklehurst Productions:

Inside Man by Asylum’s Way; Jerry Brocklehurst Productions; 2006

Kaua‘i Live! by Various Artists; Jerry Brocklehurst Productions; 2006

Full Circle by Titus Kinimaka; Jerry Brocklehurst Productions; 2008


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