Rebecca Cantrell

Authors Pavilion
Sunday May 6, 11:00 am
Presenting her book,  A Game of Lies (A Hannah Vogel Novel)

Genre: Fiction: crime, mystery, historical
Forge Books; First Edition (May 12, 2011)
Paperback; $14.99; 336 pages; not illustrated
Hardback; $24.99; 320 pages; not illustrated
Kindle: $9.99
iTunes and Nook: $11.99

The Book: Journalist Hannah Vogel returns in A Game of Lies by award-winning author Rebecca Cantrell. In preparation for the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the Nazis have rid the streets of anti-Semitic material and other propaganda, and present a peace-seeking face to the world. Journalist and part-time spy for the British, Hannah Vogel, shudders to think of what lies under the temporary coat of gloss. Posing as travel reporter Adelheid Zinsli and lover of SS officer Lars Lang, Hannah has been collecting Nazi secrets from Lang and smuggling them back to Switzerland. Wanted by the SS, her travel in and out of Germany has always been fraught with danger, but this trip is especially treacherous. Surrounded by former colleagues who could identify her, Hannah tries to keep a low profile while reporting on the Games as Adelheid. Her relationship with Lang gets more complicated as he sinks into alcoholism; the whispers she hears about his work in the SS give her chills. Whose side is he on?

Hannah agrees to meet her mentor, Peter Weill, at the Stadium, but before he can reveal information that will expose the Nazis, he dies in front of her. Hannah suspects poison. Hannah must discover who killed Weill and get his secret package out of the country before the Olympics end and the Nazis tighten their noose…and before her true identity is revealed. And her partner may be the very one about to expose her…


“A Game of Lies is magnetic and seductive.”

– Fresno Literature Examiner

“Cantrell’s books are a blast.”

– Boston Herald

“Simply stunning.”

— Deadly Pleasures

“A race-against-the-clock thriller… Cantrell keeps the close calls and cliffhangers coming.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“Compelling, exciting, and entertaining reading. Don’t miss this one.”

– Pop Syndicate

“Cantrell uses the Olympics backdrop to good effect here, setting Jesse Owens’ triumphs against the gathering storm…the prewar mood of uncertainty turning to terror remains palpable, and the climax contains some genuine surprises.”

– Booklist

A few years ago Rebecca Cantrell quit her job, sold her house, and moved to Hawaii to write a novel because, at seven, she decided that she would be a writer. Now she writes the award-winning Hannah Vogel mystery series set in Berlin in the 1930s.

A faded pink triangle pasted on the wall of Dachau Concentration Camp and time in Berlin, Germany in the 1980s inspired ‘A Trace of Smoke.’ Fluent in German, she received her high school diploma from the John F. Kennedy Schule in Berlin and studied at the Freie Universit’t in Berlin and the Georg August Universit’t in G’ttingen. When she visited Berlin in the summer of 2006, she was astounded to discover that many locations in her novel have been rebuilt and reopened in the last few years, including the gay bar El Dorado and the Mosse House publishing house.

Her short story ‘Coffee’ is in the ‘Missing’ anthology. Her short story ‘On the Train’ is in the ‘First Thrills anthology. Her screenplay ‘The Humanitarian’ was a finalist at Shriekfest 2008: The Los Angeles Horror/Sci-fi Film Festival. Her screenplay ‘A Taste For Blood’ was a finalist at the Shriekfest 2007: The Los Angeles Horror/Sci-fi Film Festival.

Check out the book trailer for A Night of Long Knives, part of the Hannah Vogel series

Cantrell’s other books:

A Trace of Smoke; Forge Books; May 12, 2009

First Thrills: High-Octane Stories from the Hottest Thriller Authors; Forge Books; June 22, 2010

A Night of Long Knives; Forge Books; June 22, 2010


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