Aloha Shorts

Aloha Shorts is a locally produced radio program of writings from Bamboo Ridge Press performed by Hawai’i’s actors. The shows tape before a live audience on the first Sunday of every month and are broadcast every Tuesday at 6:30 pm on Hawai’i Public Radio’s KIPO 89.3 FM. Tapings and broadcasts are supported in part by the Hawai’i Council for the Humanities. Listen to past shows or pick up a podcast here. Aloha Shorts is co-produced by Sammie Choy, Craig Howes, and Phyllis Look. On-air host is Cedric Yamanaka and the house band is Hamajang.
The 3 producers:
Sammie Choy
Craig Howes
Phyllis Look
Our readers:
Lee Cataluna
Donalyn Dela Cruz
Cheyne Gallarde
Moses Goods III
Wil Kahele
Stephanie Kong
Devon Nekoba
Kiana Rivera
Derek Ferrar
Charley Myers
Yash Wichman-Walczak
Mark Scrufari
AS crew:
Jason Taglianetti
Cedric Yamanaka
Sheryl Lynch
Daniel Akiyama

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