Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

Authors Pavilion
Sunday May 6, 12:00 pm
Presenting her book, Murder Leaves Its Mark: A Hawaii Mystery

Genre: Hawaii; mystery; crime
University of Hawaii Press; September 30, 2011
Paperback; $16.99; 301 pages; not illustrated

The book: When a weekend of horseback rides and beachcombing at the old Haleiwa Hotel turns deadly, Mina Beckwith and Ned Manusia are on the case. The unlikely pair she a journalist, he a playwright find themselves once again on the trail of a killer in 1930s Honolulu, where sugar barons cavort at their beachfront mansions while unrest among the working class grows. Their investigation places them in the midst of hot-headed union organizers and the crème de la crème of Honolulu society as well as the riffraff of the city s backstreets. Familiar characters from Ned and Mina s previous adventure, Murder Casts a Shadow, return to lend a hand in another thoroughly entertaining whodunnit from author and playwright Victoria Kneubuhl.


“Set in 1935 Hawaii, Kneubuhl’s wonderfully atmospheric follow-up to Murder Casts a Shadow (2008) finds reporter Mina Beckwith and playwright Ned Manusia, her boyfriend, trying to defuse a volatile conflict between labor and management. Union firebrand Jack Carstairs is stirring up Hawaii’s workers, and wealthy businessman Henry Burnham has received ominous threatening letters. When a shooting attack apparently aimed at Burnham wounds Mina, Carstairs is immediately suspect. Plenty of people have reason to target Burnham, including brother Gilbert, wife Amanda, personal secretary Gwendolyn Reed, stepson Sheldon Lennox, and protégé Emil Devon. With the action roaming all over the islands, Kneubuhl paints a stark picture of the chasm between the haves and have-nots against the natural beauty of the islands, particularly the native flora. A superior setting and intriguing characters make up for an ending that many readers will consider a cheat. (Oct.)”

— Publishers Weekly

“Mystery writer and playwright Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl once said in an interview with the Weekly, that she admired the work of Martha Grimes, Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers and the ever-loveable mystery hero, Nancy Drew. While reading Kneubuhl’s newest book, Murder Leaves its Mark, these impressionistic authors seem to be wonderfully present. … Kneubuhl’s novel is tightly woven around interesting characters, and her research of 1930s Hawaii is refreshingly on point.”

— Honolulu Weekly

Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl is a well-known Honolulu playwright and writer. Her work has been performed in Hawai‘i and elsewhere in the Pacific, the continental U.S., Britain, and Asia. She is currently the writer and co-producer for the television series Biography Hawai‘i.

Listen to a radio interview with Thinking Out Loud:

Kneubuhl’s other books:

Murder Casts a Shadow; University of Hawaii Press; July 2008


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