Casey Kamaka

Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities Pavilion
Sunday May 6, 4:00 p.m.
Presenting in the ‘Ukulele event with Aunty Noelani Mahoe, Benny Uyetake, and Byron Yasui. This event will focus on the role of ‘ukulele music in Hawaii and across the world as it rapidly became known as “everybody’s instrument” and helped to broaden Hawaiian music, allowing for solo instrumentals and opening up the genre for commercial entertainment.

Casey Kamaka is a third generation ‘ukulele maker from the Kamaka Ohana. Growing up around the shop with his father Sam Kamaka Jr., he has been around ‘ukulele-making his entire life. He was taught the craft by his father and learned the work ethic and ingenuity that his grandfather Sam Kamaka Sr. and his father practiced throughout their lives. Casey has studied under very prominent luthiers such as John Gilbert, Jeff Elliott and Charles Fox. These experiences have enhanced his knowledge of lutherie and take the building process to new levels. Casey is able to work in all aspects of the building process, and is currently responsible for research and development in production and also for designing instruments and custom pieces. The Kamaka family legacy of building fine instruments is nearing 100 years, and is an accomplishment that not only the Kamaka family can be proud of, but all of Hawaiʻi can share in.


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